Residue-free farming

Augmenting the growth of crops by natural methods and restricting the usage of chemicals

Residue-free is the new road to eating healthy and staying fit!


  • Chemical-free grain revolution!
  • Clean & Green food for all!
  • Safe-food revolution!
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Our mission is to overcome the inefficiencies in the traditional farming practices and standardising the quality of farm produce

We believe in creating a community of farmers and helping them achieve better yield in their farms by assisting with the latest technology in agriculture.

  • Improved farm productivity and consistency in quality by adopting the agri best practices
  • Assisting with the cutting-edge solutions in Agri Tech
  • Achieving scale through consolidation of large land parcels through our farmer community
  • Partnership with market leaders in agri supply chain to ensure that fresh farm produce reaches our customers

Our Services

assorted vegetables

Provision of farm inputs

Delivering good quality farm inputs economically to the farms

Farm equipments access

Arranging costly farm machinery at affordable prices, hence ensuring a higher productivity

Farm Labour services

Supplying farm labours well trained in the farming best practices

Subsidies & Grants

Assisting our farmer partners in accessing the various benefits offered by the Government and other agencies

Access to international markets

Providing marketing and logistics support to export the produce to our global clients


By collaborating with our international clientele and aggregating demand at a global level, we have opened up export opportunities for our farmer partners

Our transparent pricing and zero-delay for vessels cut-off offers our customers a cost-effective and superior quality produce from Indian farmers

Working in service cost model

Direct Farm sourcing

Supplied at market price on time

Cash & Carry for better pricing


woman farmer in a paddy field

Equip and Empower
farmers to follow GAP and enable them grow residue-free crops

Our automation systems help them manage the day to day farm operations effectively. We leverage technology to ensure higher yield per acre of farmland.

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